Don't Lose Your Marketing Credibility

We received an email the other day with the subject line, "Competitively Priced Media."

They lost me right off the bat for not hyphenating competitively-priced, but I clicked anyway to see what they wanted to sell me. This is what I saw:

I hope your week is going well! I’m circling back as I’m sure that this is a busy planning period for you and your team, and I’d like to hear how (company name) might fit into the media buying mix.

For starters, before you can circle back, you have to make an initial contact. Second, this person doesn't know this is a busy planning period for us (whatever that even means). And last, she wants to help us buy media.

We buy media for our clients. It's expensive enough to begin with. Why on earth would an ad agency ever pay more money for a third-party vendor to do that?

The moral of the story: know your customer.

This may be a perfectly legitimate company. They have a nice web site. But I would never trust them to market my business.