When 114 Million Viewers Isn't Enough

I miss the days when Super Bowl ads aired during the Super Bowl.

I get it, though. With all the money spent on creative and on-screen talent, advertisers need to get their coveted spot in front of as many consumers as possible. I mean, who can blame the Budweisers of the world for wanting more bang for their million bucks than the 114 million Super Bowl viewers they'll already be getting Sunday night?

I always try to resist watching ahead of time, and I hope you do too. (If you can't stand it, here they are.) These ads are truly the best Madison Avenue can roll out; and I think they deserve to be watched on Sunday night with a pan of nachos in the oven.

Currently, it's -4 degrees and snowing in Minnesota. I hope the owners of US Bank Stadium didn't skimp on the heating system. Regardless of the weather outside, people in Boston will be cheering for the Bad Guys (It's not just me), while everyone else on the planet will be cheering against them.

I will also be cheering for the ads.