A Holistic Approach to Marketing

Potential clients sometimes come to us and say something like, "I need a billboard," or "I want to do a radio spot," or "I need someone to help me do a Facebook ad."

I understand the impulse to do this. I have to resist the urge to say the same thing when trying to market some of my own pursuits.

But then I pause and ask myself what it is I really want. Do I really want to do a Facebook ad? Or, is that merely me effectively saying that I need to reach more customers?

It's obviously the latter.

It's easy to see a billboard or an ad on social media and think that's the way to market your business. You saw it, right? So then everyone else must have seen it, too. That's just human nature.

On the other hand, it's similarly easy to label marketing delivery channels you are unfamiliar with as worthless. People will say things like "who even listens to that radio station?" Or, "I don't read that paper."

You don't, but maybe your customers do.

When we create a marketing plan for a client, we perform extensive research on the best ways possible to market that client's business. Sometimes, it's a conventional approach. Sometimes, it's unconventional.

This holistic approach to marketing ensures your message is coordinated across platforms and you are using the platforms that reach your customers.